Worry in this world is caused due to a lack of inner spiritual fulfillment. The foundation of a building cannot be seen from outside. Externally we only see the architecture, furniture, marble etc. But it is the foundation that holds it up and gives it strength.   Thus our mind is stable when it has a strong spiritual foundation. Storms may come in the form of reversals, but if we have that foundation of inner fulfillment we deal with it with a very clear and practical mind therefore they do not disrupt us.

There could be numberless reasons for which we keep on worrying. We may be worried about our health, wealth, loved ones, friends, what happened yesterday or what is going to happen tomorrow, the environment or world politics. The nature of this world is that we have to face birth, old age, disease and death. Everything is always changing. The biggest problem is that we want to control our environment. However, the eternal reality is that you and I are not the controllers.

To some degree we do have influence but ultimately things are out of our control. So to the degree we are attached to any thing or anyone on this worldly platform there will be worries. Attachment brings worry.

During the monsoon rains a puddle of water gets bigger but during the dry season all the water dries out. It is very much affected due to rains. But the ocean whether it is the dry season or the monsoon rains it remains the same. What is the difference – the puddle has no depth. Therefore it’s completely affected by circumstances. But the ocean in its own self has such depth. On the surface it is affected by the monsoons but deep down it’s not affected at all.

Because we are connected to something that is immortal we are connected to the truth that is our home. By home we mean a place where there is comfort, love, affection, happiness and trust. That is the actual meaning of home. But in this world we are like strangers in a foreign land. What is foreign is the mental conception. I am thinking that I am someone that I am not. I am thinking I am this body. I am thinking I am this mind. The body and mind are subjected to unlimited reversals and ultimately the body gets old and it dies but the soul is eternal. By its nature the soul is eternal full of knowledge and bliss.

So going back home to our real origin and uncovering the secrets of our true selves is the way to come above all this needless worry of this world.